Cool and useful: Fedora Social Network (by Tatica)

On a mission Number Zero post. As a new member of Ambassadors team at Fedora Latam, i've found really cool ideas in my mentors and coworkers at Fedora Project. A very nice idea i've found is from Tatica about a Fedora Social Network not intended just for chatting and sharing cool things as we share… Seguir leyendo Cool and useful: Fedora Social Network (by Tatica)


Educate in Freedom Project

Educate in Freedom is a pedagogical-political libertarian option. Our job is to help empower youth, children and adults in underprivileged communities through the appropriation of free and open source software, thus spreading the socialization of knowledge and freedom of culture. We study and we want to implement among our most important references, the proposed Paulo… Seguir leyendo Educate in Freedom Project